Pioneer Aviator and Overland
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1901 JOHN WESTON DURING BOER WAR - John Weston fought for the Boers against the British. 1901.
John Weston’s life is told – but there are gaps and mysteries.
This site is dedicated to changing that. And you can help uncover the full story!
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1895 ref LIEGE Place de la Gare [Guillemins] END OF C19th - Immediately before January 1905, John Weston gave his address as "Poste Restante. Guillemins. Liege. Belgium" [Oberholzer op cit]. The Place de la Gare would have been familiar to him. It is now Place des Guillemins and is located in the suburb of that name.

Maximilian John Ludwick Weston, better known as John Weston, led a remarkably full and adventurous life. An eclectic engineer, he was a pioneer aviator, farmer, family man, soldier, globetrotter – and an overland traveller in a motorcaravan that he designed and built himself. Some even believed he was a spy, and Weston himself claimed to know Stalin, Roosevelt  and Churchill!

He is famed as a pioneer of flight in South Africa. His biographer, Hannes Oberholzer, described him as the “Grandfather of Aviation in South Africa” [1]. A more recent author titles him “South Africa’s First Aviator” [2]. Today, he continues to be celebrated as the founder of the Aeronautical Society of South Africa which hosts a biennial memorial lecture in his honour [3].

Here, Weston’s life is told – but there are gaps and mysteries. This website is dedicated to changing that. And you can help uncover the full story!

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It will not escape the reader’s attention that the author of this story is standing on the shoulders of giants.

And one In particular must be acknowledged: Dr JJ Oberholzer aka Hannes Oberholzer,  Director of the  National Museum of South Africa from 1969 to 1985 and afterwards

Chief Director of the Durban Museums.

J J aka Hannes OBERHOLZER biographer of John Weston

JOHN WESTON     1872-1950
The story of a Pioneer Aviator and Overland Traveller